YAS Download ShortCut for iOS 16/17

Official iPhone All-in-one VIDEO Downloader for 2 years, Download Videos from Social media (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Threads, Twitter, Snapchat, and more).

App NameYAS download
Latest Version8
DeveloperLucky Tool Kit
Size37 KB (variable)
App StoreiCloud
Updated on09, Jan 2024
How to install Yas Download Process

Here is Latest version of YAS Download Shortcut for iPhone and ios (16 and 17) Better than RoutineHub. GET New update of YAS social media downloader free App for iOS users.

Are you willing to download music, videos, or images from social media platforms on your iPhone? Are you interested in figuring out the downloading solution on all iOS devices? Although the downloading system file is closed in iOS. Be calm, and you’re not alone now. You are entirely supported by the YAS Download shortcut, which solves all these difficulties. 

yas download for iphone

This Shortcut has eliminated the issues of ios users who have been facing challenges for multiple years. iPhone-using community could not directly save their desired multimedia (YouTube or Instagram) content on their devices. 

However, YAS Shortcut is significantly developed for the iOS community. It permits you to acquire SoundCloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube content. Whether you’re using an iPad or iPhone, all the social media is accessible to you, including songs, images, clips, videos, etc. This App has enhanced the functionality appropriately of iOS systems.

Are you trying to find a solution to downloading videos, images, and music from social media applications such as Instagram and YouTube on your iPhone? Then, no need to worry about anything more because YAS Download Shortcut solves your every problem.

Moreover, YAS Download is compatible with popular platforms, making it an ideal solution for users who want to have offline access to multimedia content from social media platforms. If you are an avid user of social content and use your iPhone routinely, this application is for you. We’ve thoroughly elucidated its installation, features, use, and so on. 

YAS Download Shortcut

YAS App is developed as Siri Shortcut, enabling iOS users to download all the content on their iPhone devices. Using this efficient and tranquil system, you’re proficient at getting the entire internet content whenever needed. Your dream of getting files on your iPhone is accomplished via this great source. 

This YAS tool is compatible with 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 or later iOS. Its primary purpose is to clean the way of downloading media files online. Allows you to obtain your desired wide range of data effortlessly. However, the reels, documents, images, and videos from Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Facebook, and various other platforms are in your access.  

However, this innovative system is a vital part of Shortcut applications. It provides a plethora of inimitable shortcuts that work effectively and offers exclusive services to iOS users. So, downloading this system on your iPhone allows you to get the powerful function of getting your favorite content directly. This potential access was not accessible before this software. 

Moreover, its recent update of YAS Download RoutineHub has enhanced the authority of this revolutionized system. This application has eliminated all the complexities users faced before its advent. It has brought captivating and inspiring multimedia elements for all users.

Vital Prospects of YAS

  • Superb quality videos are downloaded
  • Quick downloading from all social media platforms
  • YouTube and Instagram downloading is fixed
  • Bugfixes, and various improvements
  • TikTok downloaded videos are free of watermark

YAS Download Shortcut Installation on iOS (iPad/iPhone)

It’s a delight for all unfamiliar and new iPhone users that the installation process of YAS is convenient. You can fix this App on your phone following the straightforward and quick process. You have a bit of time to get and run this application by following the steps:

How to install YASdownload shortcut?

Step #1: Shortcut Application Install

Suppose you’ve not installed the shortcut App on your device; then click the button and download. Its downloading and then installing is allowed from the App Store. Meanwhile, if you’ve installed it, move forward to accomplish the next process.

Step #2: Open your shortcut App and find your required ‘YAS Download’

Ensure you download and then launch your App on your iPhone by tapping on it. Open the shortcut file and find the YAS-Download to obtain your video content. 

Step #3: Click the Installation Option

When the YAS-Downloading option is located forefront to you, then press on its installation button. It’s a vital phase for fixing it on your phone, and the installation process is initiated. After a while, the YAS shortcut will be added to your Apps collection.

Step #4: Exploit the Potential of its Features

Eventually, the YAS shortcut has been successfully downloaded and installed on your iOS. You’re proficient in using the top-notch features of acquiring the audio, video, and photogenic material sourced from Social Media.

However, you can download and fix your YAS-Shortcut on your Windows via Bluestacks. 

Use of YAS-Download

With the help of this captivated YAS Download shortcut, capturing the streaming updates of social media has become a breeze. However, when you use this system for storing your preferred Content, you have to know the precise process of using it. There are the following steps to use it:

 Step #1: Enable your Downloadable Content

Retrieve your desired images and videos you’re watching routinely and want to download them on your iPhone. When your preferred media shares are opened on your screen.

Step #2: Press the Share Button

You can see the share option on your iPhone screen. This option will be within this YAS App as you’re using it for downloading the updated media content. This share option looks like an upwards-pointed arrow and is near the system from where you can save the Content. Therefore, press this sharing option on your screen.

Step #3: Pick up YAS Download

Multiple options will appear on your screen after pressing the sharing option. You need to go for the ‘YAS Download’. Scroll down to YAS and double-press it to proceed with your use process.

Step #4: Permits the Media file to Save

When you pick up YAS, the shortcut starts its process and saves your file on your device. This saving process takes a short time in the background and saves your file successfully.

Step #5: Enjoy your accessible Content

The entirely downloaded file appears on your iPhone storage data. Remember this access is open for all users anytime, anywhere. 

However, YAS-Shortcut offers reliable ways with user-friendly features to save your media streams. Now you’re capable of building your library on your iPhone. 

How can you Save your Media files via YAS-Download?

There are two more convenient ways to save your preferred social media files by using the YAS shortcut:

Method #1: Acquire your content from Safari. You have to insert the URL of your specific content into the URL-Spacebar. Now type the file name for your ease to find this file. Enable the downloading and get your saved file on your iOS.

Method #2: This method is simple and easy for all users. It has been explained in the step-by-step process of using YAS as well. 

Explore social media Platforms > Find out the content > Tap on the sharing option > Click YAS > Download your file. 

You can apply this process to save your Instagram reels and videos easily.

Vital Features of YAS-Download

Though YAS Download has brought the great social media revolution, iOS enthusiasts are enjoying this shortcut favorably. The main aspect of this system is its marvelous features that are open to all users and accessible throughout the globe.

  • Compatible with numerous Platforms

It is a noteworthy feature of YAS-Download. This system is compatible with many social media engines, including YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and many others. It ensures you can save your desired media content on all platforms effortlessly. 

Though you can browse your data, it enables you to save via its Downloading access. It comes with a highly compatible and hassle-free use process.

  • Videos free of Watermark

YAS is a convenient way to remove the Watermark from downloaded videos. Meanwhile, it provides top-notch quality content. It’s an excellent fact that removing Watermark from the video does not compromise video quality. So, you enjoy the texted-free, clear and professional content on your iPhone. 

  • Free and simple Downloading process

Thus, getting your media streaming via YAS download is a breeze. Thus application is conveniently free to install and fix on your phone. Its user experience and free access have made it a trusted platform. Hence, it’s free of RANKSAPK and also reliable for your device applications. You can simply visit downloading process, locate it on your system, and enjoy its evergreen upgraded features.

  • Quick Download Speed 

YAS comes with a swift loading process. The whole downloading process works in the background, and you get decent content quickly. Its lightning-fast loading speed ensures you can get your maximum content quickly and establish your library. 

  • Effortless and intuitive Interface

The streamlined user interface is the core feature of this shortcut. Everybody can navigate it and get their required content simply. Suppose you are a nontech individual; its straightforward layout provides a seamless experience. Using it on your iPhone, you can control your desired streaming on any social platform.

  • Ad-Free Content Access

You dislike annoying advertisements while watching your preferred content. Sometimes, a pesky pop-up moves to the next page to eliminate it. It may distract your watching flow. Now you’re free of ad interruptions. YAS ensures an uninterrupted and smooth watching experience. However, you have YAS access to say goodbye to frustrating Ads.

  • Lightweight App

YAS downloading never occupies the excessive space of an iPhone device. You don’t bother to sacrifice the specific space for your device. This system is designed for an efficient user experience. It fulfills the whole downloading requirements without occupying extra space.

  • Simultaneous Downloading

YAS Shortcut’s key to efficiency is to download various files simultaneously. You can enable your photos, audio and video to download. It allows downloading and adding content to your playlists, photo folders, and other collection box automatically.

  • Updated downloading Algorithms

It leverages updated and advanced control algorithms to regulate your content. Its work efficiency depends on its appropriate algorithm. Whether your internet access is good or low, it works effectively. 

YAS Download Advantages 

  • Favorite Watermark-free content

Obtaining watermark-free content directly from social media is quite difficult for users. Nowadays, all apps like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube put their fingerprints as watermarks on all videos. This watermark sign looks annoying while preferring your desired content. Fortunately, the YAS downloadable system allows users to download their required content on their iPhone and bring their favorite videos without annoying watermarks. 

  • iOS Compatible Shortcut 

Its compatibility relies on access to maximum versions, including 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 iOS. You can seamlessly operate it on your iOS regardless of your device’s version. 

  • Supportive to Plenty of Social Platforms

If you’re unfamiliar with downloading and viewing the advantages of the YAS App, you may have noticed that YAS App allows you to visit your desired platforms. Now the audio-video content is accessible for iOS. 

  • The user interface is interactive

While thousands of new applications have been designed daily, the missing point is that all unique Apps come with a complicated interface for new or non-tech people. We’re glad to share that YAS comprises an easy-to-use and simple interface. It offers pretty up steps to download your wanted images and videos from social media. Remember, some shortcuts are also complicated for users. You don’t need to bother, instead, you need to download this software on your iPhone. Open and breeze it to navigate your desired content on its effortless interface.

Disadvantages of YAS Download

  • Update of this shortcut is quite complicated
  • Not openly accessible.
YAS Download Shortcut IOS 16

YAS Download Shortcut IOS 16

YAS Download Shortcut is a hassle-free solution for downloading content from YouTube, Instagram, and others on your iPhone 16. … Read more


What is the actual download file size of YAS-Shortcut?

Although, this software takes 51.2 MB of internet data on your iOS device. It can also slightly change for different devices.

Is it free to install YAS on iPhone?

Yes, YAS downloading is cost-free on all iOS.

What is the updated current version of YAS-Shortcut?

7.9 is the current version of YAS, which is supportive of many languages, including English and اللغة العربية.

Is YAS-Download Available on Android?

Yes, YAS Now can be downloaded and installed on Android Phones.

Final Verdict

YAS Download is the game-changer for iOS users when downloading social media content. The delight for iPhone users is its speed, convenience, security, user surety, and exceptional downloadable access.

Hence, you’re proficient in downloading the scheduled downloads, larger files, reels, and photos. Ultimately YAS is a fast-paced, uninterrupted, and highly recommended App for iOS users.