How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone?

YouTube has a massive number of subscribers, including iOS and Android. People can watch the content of their choice without restriction over there by having a strong internet connection. However, what to do when you cannot connect with interest due to various reasons?

In this scenario, saving or downloading the YouTube video in our gallery is recommended for compatibility and user reliability. YouTube does not allow direct video downloading, and most importantly, if you are an iOS or iPhone user, then how to cope with the downloading needs?

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In terms of seeking specified information about How to Download YouTube Videos on an iPhone? The following content will be very informative for your personal needs and requirements.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone?

Let’s explore the guide in detail next;

Download Youtube videos using YAS-Download for iPhone App.

YouTube Downloading for Apple Devices

Downloading videos from YouTube is quite comprehensive, whereas when it comes to Apple or iOS devices, it might create challenging conditions due to the Strict Apple policies. For Android, you can use versatile third-party applications or app. Still, Apple Inc. does not support such applications and is automatically subjected to removal from the interface due to strict privacy concerns.

However, to support the YouTube downloading needs for iPhone, some of the secure and most accessible methods to adopt are available. Specific solutions about How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone? Are Readdle app, Safari, etc

Document by Readdle Application

This magical document application supports the video audio format and can also deal with the text, books, and PDF versions of the data. This is only available to be used by the iPad and iPhone and is strictly bound by the terms & conditions for iOS devices.

It is suitably reliable, and iPhone users rely on it as it comprises a multiplayer that is effective in saving and importing different sorts of files quickly, including YouTube videos.

How to Use It?

The process to proceed to download through Document by Readdle is an exciting activity that benefits the users if pursued in the correct terms. Without any delay, you are required to download it on your iPhone device.

  • When you open the Readdle application on your device, it will show you all the file sections of your device. 
  • In the bottom section, you will see different bars; tap the icon of the Compass in the bottom-right corner.
  • It will open a new window for you, and you must paste the link of your favorite video that you have copied from YouTube.
  • After pasting the link, the window will examine the video and provide you with the different resolution formats of it, which you have to choose according to your demand.
  • In front of each output versatility of video, you will see a button “Download.” Tap on the required one.
  • Afterward, rename the file and add your desired location where you want the video to keep after downloading.
  • Review the downloaded file in the document folder in the bottom section to ensure your video has been saved.
  • The next step is to save the video on your iPhone device; check out the Download Folder of Documents.
  • When you see your saved video, tap on the three buttons next to it and choose the “Share” option.
  • There you will get the option to “Save Video.”
  • Choose it, and it’s all done.
Download YouTube Videos with the help of Document by Readdle Application on iphone

After completing the process, the video will appear in your photo gallery. If not found, then check out the Recent folder. Document by Readdle, overall benefits the audience not only in terms of easy downloading but also for;

  • Privacy and reliability
  • Convenience
  • Privacy concerns

Why to Download Videos?

The video downloading option is very useful for iPhone and Android users. Saving video through the use of different apps and applications helps the users;

  • To save browsing time to see your favorite videos
  • To access the video content even at the time of internet unavailability.
  • Save themselves from YouTube ads and promotions.
  • Cost-effective as users do not have to buy YouTube subscriptions.

While watching YouTube, there would be a lot of content that is impossible to watch simultaneously. Thus, the users of iOS and Androids consider it efficient to save and download the video for watching later.

Final Statement

Considering any app, application, d or browser for saving video content is not that easy because Apple Inc. has strict privacy regulations that need to be fulfilled by the users for smooth and unrestricted working. 

Here above, we try our utmost effort to present a user-friendly method to the readers about How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone. So if you or your kid finds it terrible to access the video they like in an unstable condition, they can easily enjoy it while offline.

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