How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone without Premium?

When a person is using YouTube Premium by buying its subscription, the platform allows the user to download the video they like in the gallery directly. Meanwhile, those who do not have the premium sportive interface of YouTube cannot access this downloading feature.

For those looking forward to downloading the videos and do not even have a premium subscription for this purpose, the following guide is beneficial and significant for the solution needed. Apart from the premium subscription, there are available versatile methods that would be very helpful, including VLC, EaseUS Video Downloader, and some other video downloaders.

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A comprehensive depiction of How Can I Download YouTube Videos on iPhone without Premium? is provided next to provide you with a detailed analysis of some concise methods for YouTube video downloading.

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone without Premium?

YouTube Video Downloading

No doubt, the premium subscription offers unlimited featural support to the subscriber, but to deal with the situations when you do not have a premium YouTube subscription. You can still count the downloading of videos from YouTube, but it can’t be performed directly from the application.

Various tools and methods are available that provide help in this regard.

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VLC Media Player

Everyone is familiar with the remarkable media player, facilitating the audience in all terms. It is effectively-known for playing videos of all formats with extreme precision. Same in this way, if you are using the interface of a VLC media player for your downloading needs, it will surely provide complete virus and other malware-free authentication.

To check out the downloading activity,

  • Open the VLC media player and move to the “Media” section.
  • The drop-down will appear to provide a versatile option; choose “Open Network Stream.”
  • A new box will appear to you, where you must add the Copied link of the video you want to download.
  • The video will start playing on the player. Next, you must move to the “Tool” section for the Codec information. It can be done with the help of the shortcut key CTRL+J.
  • The task is to Copy the Location and then paste it on your web browser.
  • The video will continue playing on the screen; a new set-up box will appear by right-clicking on the screen.
  • Tap Save and also set the location where you want to save the video. Everything is done, and you can enjoy your video at the location you previously selected.

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Online Video Downloaders

These downloaders are highly reliable as they do not require any specified installation or downloading. It can be accessed online without privacy concerns and delivers equal user benefits regarding resolution, video pixels, and format.

However specific concerns related to such downloaders need clarification to use the platform or not. Some of the concerns related to online video downloaders are;

  • Virus, privacy & safety concerns
  • Slow downloading as it depends upon the speed of the internet
  • Some downloaders may have an interfacial design against YouTube’s terms & conditions and privacy.

However, the use and working of video downloaders is effortless. The process to pursue is as follows;

  • Access any video downloader online, such as the EaseUS Video Downloader website.
  • Then copy the link of the video you want to download from YouTube.
  • Search it in the search bar provided for the downloader. The video will appear on the screen from YouTube.
  • With the video, a blue box appears and asks for the DOWNLOAD.
  • Click it, 
  • A new pop-up box will appear that directs the users to select the location of the video along with the format and the resolution.
  • Confirm your requirement to finish the Downloading process.

Apart from all this, the downloading is all right overall, but the copyrighted content should be considered for future concerns. It is illegal to manipulate and undertake copyrighted content from any source, including YouTube.

Key Features

When you are using any of the online YouTube video downloaders available, it offers versatile significant features. The feature becomes the primary reason for their popularity. Some of eh attractions for Online Video Downloaders are;

  • 100% authentic and reliable
  • Free of cost
  • Offers a long list of video formats as per the user’s demand
  • The video preview option is supportable
  • Might able to download the complete YouTube playlist
  • The downloaded content does not compromise the video quality

Final Statement

The users need to find out specific comprehensive operational activity for; How to Download YouTube Videos on an iPhone without Premium. Because sometimes the internet availability could be more supportive of video streaming. Thus you can effectively use any of the above-stated recommended options on your iPhone device to seek authentic and credible benefits.

These are only a couple of suggestions. They’re available in a long list that aids in downloading the YOUTUBE videos on the iPhone without a Premium Subscription.   

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