How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone Using Shortcuts?

In today’s age of advancement, about 1.36 billion people worldwide have been using iPhone and iOS devices. Its popularity is based on its interfacial working and unique and highly decent appearance. Meanwhile, along with featural advantages, there are certain lags in it also.

The iPhone does not support direct downloading of videos from any platform, including YouTube. People watch videos online with the support of an internet connection. However, it is only possible to have internet connectivity sometimes. With time, the problem has been solved with the help of some of the alternatives, i.e., shortcuts, Readdle, and VLC media player.

Youtube Video Downloader App Link for iPhone: YAS-Download Shortcut

Here in the section below, we are depicting the method of downloading for the iPhone specifically with the help of Shortcuts so that you can make your video-watching experience more smooth and enchanting.

How to Download YouTube Videos on IPhone Using Shortcuts?

Let’s consider the guiding details below about How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone Using the Shortcuts gallery;

Saving YouTube Videos on iPhone using Shortcut

While considering the means of downloading YouTube videos on the iPhone, Shortcuts have the most significant and remarkable prominence.

Download YouTube Videos on iPhone Using Shortcuts

With the release of iOS 12, Apple Inc. has specially launched it for the convenience and reliability of the customers. These shortcuts are based on the personalized interface and let the user perform versatile functions simultaneously without any error. In addition, it has automated functionality, which suits iPhone users for the long-term facility.

Seeking the user’s compatibility, the shortcut app helps the users save and download their favorite reels and video content in their gallery. The prominent feature is that the video is held in a separate folder, which would be easy to locate for the people.

The exact process of downloading for Android is different from the iPhone. To narrate the process of downloading on iPhone, here is the procedural guide depicted next;

  • Initially, download the Shortcut App.
  • Afterward, reach out to the Browser to redirect to the shortcut page.
  • Precisely, tap on the Shortcut for Download YouTube Video & Audio.
  • Then go back to the shortcut app to move the Shortcut of the YouTube video.
  • This imported Shortcut will be directed to the Editor in the application.
  • To Save the changes in the library, click Ok.
  • While watching YouTube, tap on the iOS share sheet if you like any video. The sheet will specifically have the Shortcut section; click it to launch the downloading.
  • Sometimes, an alert window will be shown. You have to confirm the launching details.
  • After this, a new pop-up will appear that provides the details of the format; select the one according to the need and requirement of the video you want.
  • A preview folder will appear after selecting the video format. Locate the share section in the preview folder, which will direct the Save Video option.
  • This will precisely show up the saved video in the gallery portion. All done. You are free to enjoy your saved video in your demanded video quality, even when you do not have internet accessibility.

Video Downloader App Link for iPhone: R Download for iPhone

Audio Downloading

If you only require the fascinating audio of the video, it is also possible to extract it with the help of the Shortcut app. One specific Shortcut in the library for this need is YouTube Ripper.

The whole of the process is the same as above, and the main difference falls at the point where you have to select the Shortcut. In this regard;

  • The person must choose “YouTube Ripper” instead of “Download YouTube.”
  • The rest of the process is easy to follow as per the procedure defined above.

Additional Guidelines

How to Download YouTube Videos on iPhone Using Shortcuts app? The first and foremost step involves downloading the Shortcut App on our iPhone device. It would create an automated task that will help the customers to bring out the same task in a repetitive manner. The downloading process is free and does not require a single penny.

Most of the time, the Shortcut app comes with a built-in gallery for versatile applications. This ready-to-use application ensures time-savage activity. These applications are also termed the Executed File, which directly supports downloading audio or video files.

After saving the shortcut settings in the library bar, the rest of the task will be subjected to the YouTube application. In simple terms, the task has been assigned to the Shortcut, and the next step is to move the youtube and begin scrolling again.

The Final Statement

The iOS users are directed to use the Shortcut App without concern for viruses and malware. One point to note is that people who have a video with a copyright issue need to be careful when downloading and saving it in their gallery to use it later.

You must see the Shortcut to download YouTube videos for IPhome to use personally. So that you can enjoy your favorite YouTube content offline, its overalls have made the iPhone use more exciting for users.

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