How to Download Videos on iPhone from Safari?

Apple Safari is available to meet your internet browsing needs, including scrolling websites and aiding the audience to download video content through its interface. There are various such situations when iOS users find it challenging and complex to access videos due to server errors.

To make the process of enjoying video on social sites, Safari makes it feasible for iOS users to take benefit of downloading videos to watch for offline activity. Especially when it comes to YouTube, people find a great sensation for the videos to save them in their gallery. To elaborate on how to download videos on iPhone from Safari?

How to Download Videos on iPhone from Safari?

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How to Download Videos on iPhone from Safari?

In this regard, the real-time guidance and process about the concerned query is stated below;

Apple Safari

Apple Inc. always tries to bring up significant updates, fascination, and attraction for users. Apple Safari is one of the most precise and authentic options available. Apple Safari helps you to;

  • Browse and look up the website
  • Download the videos you like from the social platforms

Because various web options do not support direct downloading, the same is the case for YouTube. Meanwhile, if you browse the same video option in Apple Safari, the saving process becomes convenient and supportive for people who want to keep the video in their gallery.

How to Use Safari for Downloading YouTube Videos?

The interface of Safari is highly operational for even beginners as it is very supportive of the user’s guidance. The steps to follow up for downloading YouTube video through Safari is as follows;

The first step to head for How to Download Videos on iPhone using Safari. Is opening the Apple Safari app. Afterwards; 

  • Locate a website such as YouTube from where you want to download your favorite video.
  • Locate your favorite bode. Tapping on the video will provide you with a pop-up option or a dialogue box asking you for “View” and “Download.” Without a second thought, tap or click the “Download” button.
  • Before downloading, it will ask you for the resolution required for the setting. If you want the video as it is, then proceed with the default settings. Otherwise, look for your required resolution in the provided list. Afterward, following up on the credentials, tap on downloads, which will save your selected file.
  • After saving your file for downloading, a small downloading icon will appear at the bottom of the screen on the left side. Consider the icon by selecting it. It will ask you for the video that you have saved previously. Select the video, and it will play with different options on the bottom.
  • Tap on the share option, available at the bottom left corner.
  • Finally, select the “SAVE VIDEO” option.

Alternatively, you might take the video to your gallery by dragging it to your photos apps. The process is easy to proceed for all those who are up to safari usage most frequently.

Picture-in-Picture Button

How to download videos on iPhone from the Safari browser? This button facilitates another way to save your Youtube video through Safari. While you are playing the video in Safari Video Player, you must tap the Picture-to-picture button. 

  • The video will open in a separate floating window when you tap the button.
  • Afterward, tap on the share button through your video player
  • It will provide you with the option “Save to Files.”
  • Select the “iCloud Drive” on my iPhone And Save it. 

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Video Navigation

One primary concern related to downloading youtube videos is where the person will find them in the gallery. Along with the discussion, how to save videos on iPhone from Safari? The saved section for the videos is also concerning.

Method 1

The videos that you saved on an iOS device through Safari are added to the photos section. So they are easy to locate. For that;

  • Open the Photos App.
  • Afterward, move to the “Albums.”
  • There is the “Recent” section; you will be able t find out the saved video and Enjoy the downloaded content while offline.

Method 2

Other than Photos, the saved YouTube video can quickly be taken from the Files App on an Apple device. To look for the details of this method, open the files App and then follow the step explained below;

  • In the Files App, locate the browsing section to find the iCloud Drive.
  • In the drive, you will see different folders by name. There will be a folder by the name “Download.” 
  • In the downloaded folder, you will get all the videos recently saved from YouTube through Safari.

Final Statement

We have guided and explained to the customers about downloading and navigating Youtube videos that Apple Safari saved in the above section. Overall, it offers greater convenience and precision for users fed up with restrictions for direct downloading from official sites. 

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