How to Download Facebook Videos on iPhone?

Facebook is an exceptional social media app known to pass the free time and seek entertainment content through different media formats, including audio, video & text. While scrolling, if you liked any of the videos and want to have them in your gallery, you must be aware of all the possible methods to perform this task.

Being an active social media enthusiast, you better be familiar with using the right platforms that assist you in downloading videos, reels, etc., from Facebook. Here is the quick elaboration depicted below.

fb Video Downloading on iphone

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The overall process of downloading the video file is simple. It is straightforward and requires a single tap to the download section. This hassle-free process lets the users enjoy Facebook video content even with internet unavailability.

How to Download Facebook Videos on IPhone?

Continue reading to get a more comprehensive understanding;

Facebook Video Downloading on iPhone

As stated above, the downloading process of video content is simple; however, the process needs to be considered more attentively for iPhone devices because the terms & privacy policies for iOS or iPhone devices differ from those of Android devices.

For the compatibility of these terms, the most appropriate standards that need to be followed up by iPhone users are explained in detail.

Video Downloading Through Facebook ++

Facebook ++ is a highly reliable method for all those who want to save video from any private account, which can not even be accessed by online Video Downloaders. As it is specially designed for personal Facebook accounts, it is undoubtedly very secure and personalized.

To use the downloading process of Facebook++, the primary guiding steps are;

  • First, locate the official website of IPA to download it on your Computer. Along with it, you must also launch Cydia Impactor properly.
  • Afterward, create a connection between your iPhone and your Computer.
  • Open the Cydia Impactor to access Facebook ++ by adding the Apple ID password for further proceeding.
  • Facebook++ gets installed precisely on the device; add your username and password there. You better save your favorite video so that it may be recovered quickly.
  • On the one, go to the settings, then General.
  • In the general section, you will see the Profile option. The profile will be unlocked by adding your ID to the Apple device. You have to choose “Trust” from it.
  • Finally, when you launch Facebook++, you will see the prominent option of “SAVE VIDEO,” which will save the video to an iPhone device in no time.

Video Downloading Through Screen-Recording

Screen recording is one of the most exciting methods to save Facebook videos on the iPhone. All the iOS devices are aligned with pre-defined 

screen recorder. If the users want to avoid experimenting with any of the online and app methods for saving their favorite videos, screen recording facilitates n all terms. Even the voice and audio can be effectively saved along with the video.

However, this method should be the second priority for achieving high-quality results. For the implementation of this method;

  • To access the “Screen-Recording” feature, Explore your device’s Setting.
  • From Settings, go to the Control Panel, where you will get the Screen-Recording Feature.
  • In the control panel, when you swipe down, click on the screen recording tab.
  • After clicking the Screen-Recording icon, the recording will be initiated after 3 seconds.
  • Go back to Facebook and pay for the video you want to save.
  • The recorder will record everything.
  • To end the recording, tap on the same icon appearing on the side of the screen in the minor shape that will also display the time of the recorded video.
  • After recording, the video will automatically move to the gallery for offline visibility.

Video Downloading Through MyMedia

MyMedia is a third-party application popularly used by iOS users for its compatibility and reliance. To ensure the appropriate benefits, one must follow the following steps.

  • The MyMedia app is easy to access through the Apple App Store; install it properly.
  • Afterwards, on the Facebook app, tap the three dots on the p right corner of the video and save it in your customized folder. So that you can precisely get it even after you have closed the app.
  • You may directly copy the link to the video on the clipboard.
  • Then move to the MyMedia that you have installed previously. In the search bar, you must look for any video-saving website.
  • After that, paste the link you have copied in the address bar for the final downloading steps.
  • It will also ask you to choose the resolution you want for your downloaded video.
  • Finally, tap then Download.

The downloaded video will be shown in the Media Folder at the bottom side of the screens. From here, you can save the video directly into the camera roll.

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